What Does Wealthy Mean? Think Like A Squirrel

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Think like a squirrel. Oak trees provide plenty of nourishment for the most industrious squirrel.

We’re the same way. If we make the most of the money have, we’ve been given, earned and will earn in the future, we’ll have more than enough to enjoy life.

When I was a teenager, I saw this with my own eyes. My father retired from the U.S. Navy and my parents bought an orange grove in Central California. We designated one tree for the family’s use and the rest of the fruit was sold.

Just from the one tree, we had way too many oranges for one family!  In fact, we had so many, they would drop to the ground and rot.  My brother and I used to play “orange baseball” with the rotten ones.

We took turns pitching them to each other and hit them as hard as we could with a wooden bat. The goal was to spray the sibling with orange pieces.  We’d come in the house covered in orange juice and orange sections.

In other words, we had plenty of oranges to spare. We were “orange rich.”

“Acres and Acres of Oranges”  isn’t quite a fit as a blog name. The concept though, is right on. An acorn is a symbol of potential, when it’s small and a symbol of strength, when it’s grown.

Hence, I chose acorns. Besides, where I live near Park City, Utah, there are literally acres and acres of acorns from the scrub oaks that dot the hillsides in Summit and Wasatch Counties.

As a 25+ year financial planner, I believe the true sign of financial well being is feeling secure enough to give money away. You are truly wealthy when you can take care of yourself, save for the future, and give right now.

In this blog, I’ll share ways to truly enjoy life — tomorrow is not guaranteed. I’ll provide tips on saving and investing for the future and share lots of ways to give back to your community right now.

This is what Acres and Acres of Acorns means to me.

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