Tightwad Tuesday: How To Save 75% Off Retail Prices On Furniture

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I am not one for buying on Craig’s list.

First of all, it’s time consuming. Once you finally find something fabulous, you have to connect with the seller. If the treasure hasn’t been sold yet, you still have to coordinate a meeting to take a look. By this time, you’ve already invested hours.

Then there is the whole “stranger danger” issue. Do I really want to walk into someone’s home to look at their dining room table? What if I am walking into the “Bates Motel?” As the door shuts behind me, I can’t be sure I’ll walk out alive and well.

That’s why I love consignment stores. It’s not just that you can find wonderful items at 50 – 75% off of retail prices, there’s more:

They are stores!

They are “public places” with no worries of weirdo’s jumping out at you from a closed door and blocking you from leaving. (Am I paranoid? I don’t think so!)

The designers choose quality, “on-trend” furniture so they do the sifting for you.

Your decisions aren’t permanent either. Because the prices are reasonable, you can always pick up furniture that works for your space but isn’t your lifelong dream piece. You can always “consign-it-back.”

Oh, and you can sell your stuff too, for cash or credit.

There are a few drawbacks. You have to pick up and deliver items yourself, or hire furniture movers to help.

There is no “90 days same as cash” or any special financing available for new furniture. You pay cash or with a credit card.

Overall, consignment stores are a great way to inexpensively fill your home with quality furnishings without the hassles of online ads.

What’s not to love?

With the right moves, late starters can catch up


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