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Source: Nancy Anderson
Source: Nancy Anderson



“Money can buy happiness.
It just depends on how you spend it.”

Nancy L. Anderson

Retiring at 50 was my dream.  Since that dream didn’t come true, I did the next best thing. My husband and I moved to our ultimate retirement location anyways.  The great recession may have set me back a few years but we thought, why wait?

Now I work, live and write blogs in a place I absolutely love.

Back then, Forbes asked me to write a contributor blog on retirement and personal finance.  In the past five years, four million readers have visited that blog.  My work has been featured on Yahoo! Finance, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal Blog, and even the Zimbabwe Times.

Though I’ll continue my Forbes.com contributor and Deer Valley Ski Resort  blogs (on learning to ski in Park City, Utah), this particular blog is more personal.  I write about money and happiness.

I believe:

How you spend, save, invest and give your money increases your “happiness factor.”

I’ll share stories and tips on enjoying life today, saving and investing for the future and giving back now.

Hope you enjoy it.

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